Red City (2021)

Red City is an acousmatic piece in  stereophonic created from 2020-21. I took samples from a piece I made for Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart in 2019. I used various processing techniques. 80% of the piece derives from samples and the other 20% are synthetic computer music sounds I made in VCV Rack.

The Museum of Future Experiences (2022)

An electronic composition for the ambisonics sound installation in the Museum of Future Experiences in Brooklyn, NY. Premiered in October 2022 at MoFE.

Samples from soundwalks in Frankfurt am Main. Processed in VCV Rack. 

v(Erfolg)t (2022)

Music for a theatrical show for the public launch of the Digital Performance Room space in Detmold, Germany. The DPR has 27 speakers arrayed into 3 circular rings with 3 different heights, allowing for a 3-dimensional sonic immersion. The spatialization of the music was a key part of the experience. This track is the first one and is the intro to the show. Unfortunately, the music must be presented here in stereo mixdown.